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Cross Dressing or Transvestic Fetishism

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graciegold Sexual Health TalkI really do have a lot of fun with this fetish. Cross dressing can be highly enjoyable for both partners; but if only western society could embrace the ‘odd’ fetish and not cause the hurt I so often see associated with this type of sexual fetish.

For some people who have gone to the lengths to get diagnosed with Transvestic fetishism, fantasies or stimuli associated with cross-dressing may always be necessary for erotic arousal and are always included in sexual activity, if not actually acted out alone or with a partner.

In other men, cross-dressing may occur only episodically, for example, during periods of stress. At other times the person is able to function sexually without the cross dressing fetish or related stimuli.

I have found that in many situations the cross dresser or ‘sissy’ can vividly remember the first time he got ‘dressed up’. Discussing this experience can be lots of fun and can make a very good role-play scenario for him and his partner or a perhaps a phone sex operator.

I intend to keep going with my work empowering the cross dressing male (a little hard for a girl to cross dress). I like to hear the relief when he realizes that there certainly are potential female partners who enjoy this fetish as much as he does.

You are welcome to call me or email me and discuss your fetish no matter what or how; I am up for the chat.

You are ready to contact me to talk. My call button will display my availability below. All first time callers can expect 3 free minutes of talk time.

Email me to outline the reason for your call

Sexual Health Advice Line

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copy-of-website.jpgHello, I want to introduce myself to those who have browsed their way to my site.

I’m Gracie. I have been available as a Sexual Health adviser online with a very popular advice site for 3 years. I¬†am now¬†independent of this platform and offer you the same services and more from my own website.

I still offer you the same quality advice and therapy sessions in the comfort of your own home.

For those of you whom I already am acquainted with, I have my own style; don’t I? This hasn’t changed at all.

I think that this will be a very good move for both of us; myself and my callers, old and new.

I look forward to your call…



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